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The Wedding Ring Event Planner Netta

Hi! My name is Netta and I am a wedding planner.

Ever since I was a very young girl, I have had an obsession with weddings.

From the wedding dress itself to the decorations, to the food. Everything about weddings intrigued me.

I knew when I was older I wanted to be involved with helping people with their weddings.

After ten years I decided to start writing articles with tips, tricks, ideas, and the things everyone needs to know to make their day one that will never be forgotten.

My ultimate goal is to provide all the information needed to take away as much stress as possible.

While some may use this site as their go-to place, others may use it as a stepping stone to get an idea of what they need to research further.

Either way, I am happy to assist my readers with their wedding needs.

Are you a bride-to-be? Maybe you are a maid or matron of honor looking for wedding ideas? Are you looking for information and facts on the subject of weddings? If so, The Wedding Ring is the place for you. This site is full of excellent information and we’re regularly adding brand-new content to give you the most up-to-date advice.

We’ve worked hard in an effort to put together helpful information so that we can give you the answers you’ve been struggling to find. Let’s face it, weddings are very stressful! Whether you are the one saying, “I do”, at the wedding party, or the parent of the one’s saying the nuptials’ stress levels tend to be high. Due to this, we take our research, ideas, and tips very seriously. We strive to make our reader’s wedding day as stress-free as possible.

While I  feel confident that the posts can and will provide much of what you are looking for, I need to declare that the posts are only stating my opinion(s).

I appreciate you stopping by and wish you the best with your wedding planning.